I'm Kiersten! A life loving, french bulldog obsessed, mom of two, and wife to the hottest man on this planet. Ya know, just your average tattooed chick.

As an outgoing, social butterfly, with a touch of sarcasm.. I strive to create a unique experience by keeping things authentic and fun.. Because I am different, people feel at ease with me, and nothing is better than real emotions and connections captured. 

I'm not just your photographer; I'm your new best friend. Seriously, from the moment you first contact me, a new friendship is born.. it's sorta MAGICAL

I am pretty laid back + easy to get along with; you'll be so comfortable with me, and your pictures will definitely reflect that. Your kids will laugh, your family will relax, and your REAL memories will be captured for a lifetime. Annnnddd it won't be lame, lol, because I think you deserve to have a great time creating pictures that are as awesome as you! 

Getting married? I got you. Have a family? I got you. Kids? Old ones, new ones, fur ones? I don't care; I got you. Graduating? Proposing? Pregnant? Engaged? Single? Doesn't matter, I got you. Hell, even if you want to take your clothes off and get sexy, girrllll, I still got you!!

For real, I do it all and I always have your back!