At the Hustle + Flow workshop in Orlando, FL, March 2017 right after I decided to get a pixie cut again. (sidenote: I wont be doing that shit again, growing it back out is terrrrible!) But it was cute while it lasted.

I'm currently 28, and have been doing this since I was 21. I'm mostly self-taught and obsessed with the hustle. I try to never stop improving, in every aspect of life, but especially photography + business.


Me + Babe.

We were best friends for 12 years before we had too many tacos + margaritas one night and fell madly in love with each other. We have been inseparable ever since. I am so in love with everything about him, he seriously is my favorite person ever.

panama-city-photographer-kiersten-grant (1 of 1)-10.jpg

The Kids.

(from left to right)

Mallory, 12, she's babes daughter. She loves the water, eating food and taking naps. Mylie, 11, she's my daughter. She likes reading and is obsessed with wolves. (The girls have been best friends their whole lives, and now they are SISTERS!) And last but not least, there is the handsome man himself, Mr. Teal Thomas, 3. He is my boy and loves him some dirtbikes!



He is kind of a badass. A super hot badass. He has been racing Motocross professionally since 1999. Oh, and did I mention how hot and badass he is?

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Hazel Nut.

This is my ADORABLE lil babe Hazel.... who is better known by her rapper name, Lil Hazey Pea, was given to me by babe to help heal my heart from losing my first frenchie, my lil Pig, Nala. Although Hazel has some pretty big shoes to fill, I think she is gonna do just fine!!


Nitro + Babe.

These boys.


Our House.

After a dropping out of high school in 9th grade and becoming a teen mom at the young age of 15.. I never thought I would see the day, but after a ton of busting ass, I officially became a home owner in October 2017.

We have 21 beautiful acres in Bonifay, FL now with 2 pigs, 4 goat, 37 chickens and 3 dogs!!! oh and three motocross tracks too! - www.stcmoto.com

Things I like

  • when babe cooks for me ❤️

  • mexican food 🇲🇽

  • eating ice

  • drinking (probably a little too much) lol 🍻

  • traveling 🚗

  • a clean house 🏡

  • going to the track with babe and watching him ride 🏍

  • when slower traffic keeps right 👉

  • plants - even though i usually end up killing them 🌿

  • the golden hour - obsessed ☀️

  • lazy rainy days ☔️

  • law and order 👩‍⚖️

  • cruises 🛳

  • taco bell

  • clean sheet night

Things I don't like

  • when people drive under the speed limit 😡

  • cold weather ☃️

  • when my kids are jerks 😭

  • when my dog poops in the house 💩

  • paying bills 💸

  • when people blow their nose at the table 🤮

  • overcast ☁️

  • people who litter 🖕