Ariann + Brian, The Barn at Water Oaks Farm, Laurel Hill Florida Circus Wedding

Ok.... So before you even start scrolling, you need to have the same excitement in you that I had when I woke up on this incredible day! So let me just say two words; Circus Wedding.


You read that right.

C-I-R-C-U-S   W-E-D-D-I-N-G.

And every bit of Circus it was!

Every detail was the cutest freaking thing I have ever seen in my life. (she even let me keep one vintage trinket, that now sits in my kitchen window!! ❤️🐷) Nothing was forgotten, it all had a colorful touch!! From the awesome table scapes, paper flowers, fire breather, stilt walker, and aerialist... all the way to the DONUTS!! It was so badass. 

Anyway... these two circus freaks (it's cool, we're all friends, and I mean it in the most endearing way lol) met in the most classic of ways, "Brian and I went to the same school as each other. We met when I was a Junior and he was a Senior. We had a geography class with Mr. Bettendorf. Everyday we would draw doodles back and forth. After Brian graduated he went off and joined the Air Force. He was stationed in England for two years. After those were up he came home for a short leave. I was working at Starbucks at the time and this goofball came threw the drive thru and I was in complete shock. He likes to say that we met at Starbucks.  We started dating May 27th 2013, I moved to Florida from Minnesota January 1st 2014. And the rest is history."

And let me just tell you, this day was perfectly fit for the two of them... the venue was breathtaking to start with!! Ariann said she picked The Barn at Water Oaks Farm because "We absolutely loved the whimsicalness (is that even a word) of the barn. We chose vintage circus as a theme because I'm a professional aerialist and I am never happier then when I'm in the air or watching a Cirque show. When I think back to being a kid, there is just something magical and alluring about the circus and I wanted our wedding to have those same feelings. Any time there is a Cirque show or we are traveling and there happens to be one going on Brian takes me. (Unless there are animals involved because that's abuse and I won't support it)" - side note, same girl, screw those guys - but yessss!!! I have been to this pretty place before but I never saw it like this!!! 

They all killed it with their attire too, carrying the vintage vibe over with Ariann's Daughter's of Simone "Lilah" dress, and Hushed Commotion "Mora" veil and Brian's Men's Wearhouse get up, topped off with only the best, Converse All Stars. (btw, peep grandmas sparkly kicks too)

Oh and we can NOT forget the onsie parade... ha. I died. 

I figured maybe that was part of the reason they chose me as their photographer, so I asked; Why me? haha - "Oh my where do I start? I first heard of you when I moved down here and you won Best of Bay. All your pictures are so amazing. The exact style and feeling I love. Brian and I absolutely love photography and dabble in it from time to time taking our cameras wherever we go, I've always wanted to learn more about the art. We feel that photos are the most important part of our big day. And we didn't want someone to fuck it up. We didn't want to skimp on it. I showed Brian your website and another photographer knowing that my choice was you and we would be going with you no matter what. I felt like he should have at least felt like he had an opinion (; Brian studied each website and portfolio for like 30 seconds before he said we have to have her. You are funny, kind, professional, and know what you are doing. I like the laid back and chill aspect especially since on my big day I was high strung and stressed. You made everything so much easier for us. We cannot repay you enough. Doing engagement/pregnancy announcement photos with you were so fun, I don't think I've ever felt more comfortable in front of the camera and you even got my hard to get a real smile husband to smile his perfect grin. I cant be more thankful for you" 

another side not -- I just read that whole thing for the first time, and now I am crying.

I could go on and on about it all, I really could.. but just go see for yourself!! **runs off to cry more**

Any advice for other couples getting married?

Relax, choose Kiersten, and on the big day stop and to watch for a second. Look around at your family and friends. Remember those feelings that will be your favorite part of the day.

Venue: The Barn at Water Oaks Farm

Catering: Boudreaux's Catering

DJ: Royal Entertainment

Flowers: Tree Town Paper

Videographer: StoryLive Productions

Cake/Donuts: Dan-D-Donuts & Deli

Popcorn/Cotton Candy: Space Walk Panama City

Aerialists: Misty Joy (fire performer /aerialist)

Aerial Dance PC: Kalani Dempsey, Chrissy Morgan, Pearl Tweedy