AnneMarie + Nolan, Southern Christian, Marianna Florida Wedding

Let me just start this by letting you know - during their engagement session, we had donuts... so, yeah, I was def excited for the wedding day!!

But for real, AnneMarie and Nolan... where do I begin with these two!?

Seriously they have some of the most intense, yet innocent love I have ever seen.

They just melted into each other every chance they got. It was perfect. 

The entire day took place at AnneMarie's grandparents home in Marianna, FL where the possibilities for beauty were endless!! From the house, the grounds, the trees, the guest, the family and the friends, everything was SO DANG PRETTY!!! But really though, when your bride has buttons all the way down her back, a smile to kill, a heart of gold and an army of beautiful bridal party members, you can't really go wrong.

In a faith-filled modest household, with the company of all of these wonderful humans, I had to keep my crazy a little more under wraps than usual, but it is just so refreshing to be surrounded by such truly kind-hearted people. -- Who all made me feel so welcome... even if my tattoos scared her cute grandma a little ;) 

haha - jk - but really though, this day was incredible. With blushes, golds, and greens, errmmgahhh, it all came together so well! Everything was perfectly planned by AnneMarie and her mama, from the rescued and restored doors from the church her mama and daddy got married in years ago as the entrance, all the way down to the 100's of custom hand drawn signs the bride made herself, not a single detail was left un-pretty-fied!! 

After the cutest of cute first looks, Nolan could barely hold himself together for portraits. He was just so taken back by how insanely stunning she looked, and when they joined hands for a last minute prayer before the ceremony, you could just feel their outpouring of love and faith!! It was truly amazing. 

Two Redbull's deep, I was ready and excited to capture every bit of this blissful day... and with MaryBeth by my side... I knew we were going to have a great time!! So please, enjoy, cuz I know I did!!!