Ashleigh + Justin, Anna's Veranda, Inlet Beach Florida Wedding

Their Story :

Justin and I knew of each other for a while through friends, but one day he got my phone number from a mutual friend. We talked and hung out for a while on and off. Then I moved away to college and we realized we couldn’t live without each other, and have been together for over 5 years now! Every time we would go to Atlanta I would beg to ride the big Ferris wheel, but Justin would always say no because he doesn’t like heights. So one day he surprised me with dinner downtown and tickets to ride the Ferris wheel, where he proposed at the top!
— Ashleigh

As I parked my car and started walking up to this wedding.. I was overflowing with excitement!! Anna’s Veranda was the most adorable victorian house right next to the rather secluded beach, and when I walked through the door… it just got better. And with every corner I turned or new room I walked into, I could see exactly why Ashleigh chose it for her wedding day!!

We both love the beach, so we knew we wanted to have a destination wedding with our closest family and friends. Anna’s Veranda is the most beautiful Victorian home right by the beach. It gave us plenty of picture spots and a gorgeous reception space! We were able to have a completely different look for the ceremony on the beach and the reception in the back yard, which I loved. I knew how I wanted everything to look and wanted to find a space that we had the freedom to do it ourselves. With help from our amazing families and vendors, our day was everything we envisioned and more! I was so nervous about planning everything from out of state and not meeting any of our vendors beforehand, but everything turned out perfectly!
— Ashleigh

I couldn’t have said it better myself. ^^

They had such an intimate first look on the front porch… where they stood holding hands, face to face, but with their eyes closed, Ashley was supposed to count to 3 and they would both open their eyes at the same time… but when she said 3.. only Justin opened his, haha!! It was pretty damn funny!

We all walked down to the beach together and got ready for the tear jerking ceremony led by Ashleigh’s dad!! Once it was official, we spent a little time on the sand getting a few timeless family shots, and since they didn’t have a bridal party, we got extra time for couples portraits!! 👏🙌 And I am so glad we did, because the lighting, the weather, the water, the beautiful bride, and handsome groom… every detail was so perfect.. I could have stayed there all day…. or at least until the sun went down.. which is what we did!! haha

After that, we headed back to the house for the reception where all of her helpful friends and family had bistro lights strung above, some super cute tables set up below, all adjacent to the TACO BARRRRR!!!! and crowned with mom’s homemade wedding cake…. it was the cutest, coziest backyard reception I have ever seen.

So after it was all said and done, I felt so lucky to be a part of their perfect day, I just had to ask how they chose me and what they thought of having me there…

Kiersten was the first person I booked for our wedding. I knew she was the photographer I wanted to use as soon as I saw a few of her photos, but seeing her website and personality made it even better! I put photography at the top of my priority list and I’m so glad that I did!! Kiersten helped everything run smoothly through planning/vendor recommendations and the entire wedding day. She made everyone feel comfortable and everyone loved her. I could not have imagined anyone better to shoot our wedding! She’s not just a photographer standing there and posing everyone, she seems like another friend/family member hanging out all day! And of course taking amazing photos!! 
— Ashleigh


Venue - Anna’s Veranda - Cake - Mother of the Bride - Hair - Leila Burgess - Makeup- Make Me Up FL - Dress - Stella York Downtown Gowns Carrollton, GA - Florist - Beach House Florist - Rentals- The Celebration Place + Vintage Loft Rentals - Food - Catering By Bob