Fabliha + Muntazim, Muslim Waldorf Astoria Orlando Wedding

“I got your contact from Naba; your website and how you spoke on our emails was what made me know that I couldn’t get a better photographer than you. Trust me when I say that not only me, but the groom, and my entire extended family (even those who flew in from Bangladesh) LOVED YOU and your antics. You not only take beautiful photos, but you are sharp, learn quick, take things easy, and add so much fun and flair to every situation. You are now going to be my photographer for life!”

If you know anything about me you know that I am obsessed with color. Like. Vibrant is my JAMMMM!! So when I got this referral from my sweet friend Naba Zabih, and she told me it was going to be a Muslim Wedding I didn’t really need to hear more, haha!! I WAS SOLD!

I can’t explain how happy it made me to be a part of not just one, but TWO days of such a colorful and rich culture, surrounded by some of the most amazing people and traditions ever.. it was truly in.cred.ible.

It all began when I met Fabliha + Tiz in Ocala for their engagement session back in June and it was friendship from there! From Fabliha’s awesome ability to keep up and throw back my non stop sarcasm, to Tiz’s extreme love and talent, for car karaoke.. I couldn’t wait for November!!

This little white girl even gave up Thanksgiving Day food to head to Orlando a little early for this big ol shindig.. haha, but no amount of sweet potato casserole or stuffing could have been better than this!!

Heck, even the way they met is full of personality and pretty adorable! -

How did you two meet/ your love story, and how long have you been together?

“Muntazim and I met last year year on November 15th. Our parents had been in touch beforehand but we both had our apprehensions. I wasn’t sure if I liked doctors because I find them arrogrant(despite in training to be one) and he was a bit wary of talking to someone who was only in her 2nd year of medical school — at least two years out from even being able to move to where he was. 

My dad gave me specific instructions that if I got a phone call from either NY or Tennessee, I would pick up. This is important, because I avoid phone calls like no other. So when I got a missed call from a NY number I called back and got the most flustered voice on the phone. It was brief, awkward, and ended up with him hanging up on me saying he was just trying to save my number and wasn’t expecting the call to go through. 

I went to my mom afterwards and was like, do you see how rude he his?!!?! I don’t want to talk to him. But mom was like, you never know. Later that night, I got another text from him saying ‘Assalamu Alaikum’ and introducing himself very politely. It’s rare to get that greeting, and I really, REALLY, liked it because that’s how I talk too! From then on we exchanged texts a few times a day, to slowly throughout the day. Pretty soon we will ended up texting or talking all the time...especially when I went out of country for 2 weeks and we continued to talk constantly despite the huge time difference.

Once I was back in the states, surprisingly, he called everyday before or after work and shared so much about his day. It was refreshing, and we were pretty sure by then that this was it. Our parents got back into the picture, we set dates, and the rest is now history” ️

All this fun led to the BIG DAY itself and where else does one choose to hold such an epic occasion than the

Waldorf Astoria Orlando!?

Fabliha said she and Tiz had very limited time off for a traditional wedding. But she always wanted a November wedding because Florida has the best weather then, duh. They went to the Waldorf because it was the most traditional hotel they could find in Orlando, and she said they made a great decision because

“everyone there made our day so, so special!! My favorite part was our Nikkah ceremony. I had always dreamed of doing the full Islamic ceremony so everyone could see exactly what happens — as its pretty rare to see an Imam perform the ceremony! “

And she is so right! For someone who goes to weddings all the time, it was so cool to experience so many new things!! I am over the moon that I was there and got to be right in the middle of all this colorful goodness, so I will leave you with the only advice this pretty bride has for future wedding planning people

“first would be to take more than 5 months to plan a wedding. This was tough. Beyond that, have a list of the things you absolutely have to have and try to get those booked ASAP, and then keep pushing forward. It will be great no matter what, and the quirks and upheavals are what actually make the day special and unique.  I could list out how much we had chaos we had until the last 15 minutes before the ceremony, but I also know that it all worked out. 

- Vendors -

Planner - Tracy Marini @ Eventfully Yours // Cake - Lia Brigner // DJ - DJ Khush & DJ Sangeen // Entertainment - Florida Bhangra Crew