Juliana + Ian, Port St Joe, Florida Wedding

Oh St. Joe, St. Joe, St. Joe.... You will always hold a special place in my heart.... right along side Juliana + Ian!

You ever just walk into a room and know you are in the right place? Like not that you're supposed to be there but like YOU are SUPPOSED to BE THERE!! I just felt so at home as soon as we walked in. Mary Beth and I shot our first wedding together, and it couldn't have been a better fit for both of us!!

This small coastal town and all its back in the day charm knows how to show off for a lovely wedding, that's for sure!! With all sorts of little details to remember Juliana's late mother, the day was filled with her spirit, even if you didn't know her, you could feel it... But did you see her dress?!?!? We could have been anywhere, and Juliana would have been the talk of the town in that thing!! It was AMAZINNNNGGGG!!!

The Groomsmen weren't any less cool either haha, they may or may not have talked me into a shot of tequila while getting ready shots were going on.... and it may or may not have been caught on camera! Haha!!

After a private first look and tearful vow reading, things got down to business.. and with their pups and pals all there to witness, Juli's dad walked her down the aisle to Ian, where they made it all official!!!!

The reception was a ball, haha, the food was killer!!! But the lip sync battle took the cake!! YES, you read that right... Lip. SYNC. BATTLE. She sang Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" and knocked it out of the park..... but IMO no one can top Ian's cover of Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way." 😂🤘

Either way, no one won or lost (cough, ian, cough) hahaha.... It was seriously the best party ever. So good that the four of us, me, Mary Beth (my second shooter), Juliana + Ian all walked barefoot back to our cars chatting and cracking up at the end of the night! Those are the days.