Katherine + Wayne, Camp Helen State Park Wedding, Panama City Beach Florida

I've always been that girl who tries to hook up every guy friend I have, so when it came to one of my closest buddies, you know I was doing the same. haha. but Wayne was so picky and had such high standards in what he wanted, I told him all the time, "homie, ain't no way, you gotta open your mind a lil bit" .... and he would just laugh it off... "sure.." - he'd say. So fine, I started pushing him to get on Match, or E-harmony or something, ya know, filter through and pick exactly what you want.. but he brushed that off too...... until FINALLY! After all my bitching, he finally tries Match.com out of the blue one day, and guess what...."Well as luck would have it, we met on match. As far as a love story, it was love at first sight for me (the hubby) it might have taken a little longer for her, lol. All jokes aside, it didn't take long for us to realize how much we had in common or to learn that we were just perfect for each other. I can honestly say that I am the luckiest man alive, simply because my wife is everything I ever wanted in a companion/soul mate (I think she would agree)." -- 😭😭😭 HE FOUND HER!!! HIS PERFECT little lady who checked all his boxes!!!! And she is!! She really is!! Katherine is perfect and I couldn't have hand-picked a better one ;) Needless to say, it was an incredibly emotional day for everyone (especially me, haha)!

Wayne wore Ike Behar // Katherine wore Adrianna Papell and both killed!!!!! From first look to first dance, and alll the way to the beach bonfire at the end.... plus alllll those adorable moments in between.

I asked him how planning was haha, "What can I say other than having the best wife ever, planning the big day was a task that she handled all on her own. shes good like that) after careful thought and knowing hat we wanted a bonfire reception everything else kinda just fell into place including the wedding venue. The location and classic look of the lodge it was absolutely perfect, we both fell in love instantly. We were able to make our friends a focus of our wedding, from flowers, cake, makeup, hair and most importantly our photographer and minister! Best day ever!"

Once Wayne's, now second favorite lady, showed up (his sweet mama) she put the final touches on her boy and it was time to do the damn thing!! And Camp Helen State Park was seriously so perfect for it all. Exactly what this day needed. "Our ceremony was above and beyond anything we could have imaged! It was filled with close friends and family! "

Wayne has known me for quite some time now and has seen my life and all of its changes up close and personal... So it meant the world to me when he asked me to be his wedding photographer... once I got over the initial excitement of him being engagement!!! HAHA! Although I would have totally kicked his ass if he asked anyone else hahah!!! But I always ask my couples for a little word of advice for those getting married in the future  - "Communication is most important! Always put your mate first. and yourself second and everything will be just fine. and don't be afraid to reach for the stars you now have someone to catch you if you fall." - The Hubby