Kenyotta + Travis, Panama City Beach Wedding

Travis and I decided to have a morning ceremony (yes, crazy I know), and Kiersten met up with us at the crack of dawn to help things go smoothly. The morning started with hair and makeup, and then moved on to getting dressed for our big day. We decided to go with First Look pics, and I am so happy we did. This allowed us to get A LOT of pictures out of the way which afforded us time to enjoy the festivities after the ceremony. After the ceremony Kiersten took wedding party pictures, family pics, and of course a few pics at the reception. Everything was awesome, but things would have not gone smoothly without Kiersten, she was A-MAZING!!! She fit right in with our families, and interacted with everyone. Honestly she could have not done a more awesome job, interacting with my guests and also giving me advice on how to run things smoothly (she is truly a wedding pro). Prior to the wedding Kiersten was very quick with responding to emails, and sending tips to make the day go smooth. The whole process with Kiersten from start to finish was absolutely amazing, and stress-less. Thank you so much Kiersten for making my day a dream, and capturing moments from our special day!!!!
— Mrs Kelsey