Kyle + Chris, Boardwalk Beach Resort, Panama City Beach Florida Wedding

This day was a tough one for me..

If you keep up with my crazy life then you know my sweet Pig Pie (my French bulldog) went missing the day before this wedding and sadly we found out we lost her not but 30 minutes before we had to leave for Kyle + Chris’s wedding in Panama City Beach.. not to mention the start of a triple wedding weekend for me.

Kyle didn't follow me on social media so she had no clue what was going on.. but thank God for Misty (her amazing planner, and a dear sweet friend of mine) for relaying the sad news because there was no way I could have had the conversation, not only was I pretty stopped up with snot and tears lol, but I didn’t want to bring sadness to her on her wedding day!! I thrive off relieving stress from my brides, making sure their day is full of laidback fun and absorbing any shit that is thrown their way!!! but today was going to challenge that and put me, and my strength to the test..… and ya know what… as bad as my morning was leading into that day, even though I balled my eyes out the entire hour drive down from Bonifay, when I pulled into the condo parking lot, I wiped my tears, touched up my mascara and rocked that shit. My brides, my job, my couples, it all means the world to me.. and I am so incredibly thankful for the distraction of happiness these two brought to me that day. Trying to keep my mood on high all day, ignoring the few tears that managed to slip past me, and giving me hugs every time I turned around. Kyle told me “I don’t remember exactly where I found your name but it was definitely your webpage that made me pick you. I love your free spirit and upbeat attitude even in a time of sorrow for you and your husband. You were very fun and yet still professional.”

Chris said he felt like the most popular kid in school on his wedding day!!

And I can see why!

Kyle was calmly getting ready with her girls just a few floors over Chris… but I am sure she could feel the energy overflowing from him down below!

They’ve been together 5 1/2 years, since January 2013. They met when Kyle was working on a cruise ship sailing around the Hawaiian islands. She was at a bar in Honolulu one day and Chris saw her from behind and thought he knew her...  He didn’t, lol. But they ended up talking and started seeing each other every Saturday when her ship was in port. Dating for a year before Kyle quit the ship and moved to Honolulu to be with him. They got engaged at sunset at Ala Moana Beach Park in Honolulu on August 28, 2017. 

For their family and friends spread out all across the country, Florida was the perfect middle meeting spot for everyone to celebrate these two adorable kids… and CELEBRATE THEY DID! A beautiful beach ceremony followed by some gorgeous sunset portraits leading into the fun filled reception where the dance floor was never empty thanks to the live band, Souls of Joy, was exactly what Kyle had in mind.. “My advice to other couples would be not to stress out too much. Not many people coming to the wedding know how things are supposed to be. If not everything is exactly how you planned it, no one knows anyway. The most important thing is just getting married and having a good time with your family and friends. “ So even though she didn’t wear the necklace she planned to, it was all still so, so, so perfect, because Chris totally cried when she walked down the aisle, and that is all she ever really wanted anyway.

- Vendors -

Venue - Boardwalk Beach Resort - Cake & Flowers - Publix - Hair & Makeup - Project Style - Dress- Sookie by Watters - Decor & Coordination - Misty/ The Celebration Place - Band - Souls of Joy