Lindsey + Ryan, Southern Lea Farms, Chipley Florida Wedding

Over my dead body? No, over his dead body? Or over her dead body?

Idk who’s dead body it was over, but they definitely fell in love over someone’s dead body.. lol, for real!!!

But it’s ok, they’re cops…. lol

Lindsey said “Ryan and I met at a crime scene. Let me repeat, RYAN AND I MET AT A CRIME SCENE.(Romantic, right?) The thought of waking up at 5:30am on a Saturday wasn't appealing and quite frankly sounded miserable. Little did I know I was going to be on a sandy trail, in the middle of the woods, and completely out of my element; with a dead body. Not to mention my hair was still wet from showering the night before, minimal makeup, and wearing tactical pants. NOT cute, and NOT prepared for this. Shortly after arriving on scene I saw a deputy who I didn't recognize but it didn't take me long to realize it was Ryan. I was blown away to say the least, and didn't know I would be meeting my future husband. Between nerves and being around the investigators who make fun of me when I talk to boys, Ryan and I maybe exchanged 10 words during the 6 hours we were there. I was pretty embarrassed that day and left thinking, "this guy probably thinks I'm absolutely ridiculous, I'll probably never talk to him again." I've never been so happy to be so wrong. One month later, Ryan asked me to hang out for the first time and go on a "social date." Our mutual love for college football and a local place called Diego's, made that an easy decision. We watched Florida State get the win, and we quickly realized this was no social date. That night I left with a feeling I've never felt before, that man definitely caught my eye and I was a smitten kitten. I knew at that moment, I loved this man. “

So with the help of Catering by Bob, DJ Dan of Gulf Coast Entertainment & Production, Kirby Holt from Blossoms, Cakes by Tanis, hair by Olivia Lane Salon, and makeup by Christina Ponce, in the exact same place Ryan proposed to Lindsey at Southern Lea is the exact place they said their vows… all captured by me (duh) and Courtney Ward (Studio Six Nineteen) that isshhh was sooooo much funnnn!!!

When I asked Lindsey how she felt about having me as her photographer she sneak attacked me with the most tear jerking review on “ I messaged Kiersten back in 2014 to schedule a mini session with my pups for Christmas. That fell through but I knew at that moment, I wanted her to capture my wedding. (Not to mention, I was no where even close to getting married. Soon to be single, actually) Fast forward to 2017, I get engaged to my now husband, Ryan. We didn't have a date in mind, only a venue and a photographer. We joked about each of us making "executive" decisions in regards to certain aspects of our wedding. Kiersten was my executive decision. I knew she was the one, and no one could convince me otherwise. Between her and our venue, Southern Lea Farms, I knew it would be perfect no matter what. September 29th, 2018 was just that, absolutely perfect. Not only if she the best at what she does, she's a beautiful human inside and out. She is full of life and makes everything fun. I'm not a camera type of girl, but I catch myself finding excuses to be in front of her camera again. She's just the best. I've known for years and you were more than we could have asked for! You are so amazing, simple as that. “

Followed up by her one piece of advice for future married couples… “Um, pick Kiersten. She will sew dresses and take shots.”

I die. (lol)

These two were so incredibly adorable… from their equally shy personalities, giving me the challenge of pulling their true and beautiful colors out during their engagement session to the many ridiculously happy moments of their wedding day.. I am so happy I not only got to be a part of their big day but also happy I have some new life long friends for sure!!

And the fact I may be name dropping if I ever get pulled over is just a bonus, hahahaha, cuz I will tellll you what… those coppers can PAAARRR—TAYYYYY!!!