Lizzie + Brandon, Eden Gardens State Park, Santa Rosa Florida Wedding

So Lizzie is one of my favorite people on this planet. Let’s just start there… We met in super awkward stage of 6th grade, and have been friends ever since. I love her for so many reasons but my favorite one is her insane ability to make my cheeks hurt from laughter within 5 minutes of being around her!! Every time. Never fails. She’s a pretty funny girl.

Brandon and Lizzie met a little differently though.. ”We met through tinder! Haha. I swiped right on that ass! Only because he worked with my dad and my best friend. Turns out we had passed each other many times our adult life. We used to work at the same place and the month I transferred out of state Brandon transferred to my store lol. I had asked my best friend AJ a million times if he had any single friends and he said no lol. Turns out Brandon actually had been asking him the same thing and when I asked him about Brandon he said “omg, y’all would be perfect together!” He was right.” - 😂 see what I mean.

Actually, if we’re being honest.. Lizzie is also amazing with words.. her blogging skills are wonderful.. so much so that she is actually a ghost writer for a lot of my blogs!! haha!! Y’all been thinking all this time that I am this funny.. nah… she helps… but not this time.. lil bitch said I had to write this one on my own… so here we are.. 🤷‍♀️

I send my brides a few questions to answer so I can tell their story better.. and I did get her to do that, haha!!

But I was so insanely happy for Lizzie when she and Brandon got together. And then when he proposed to her, I cried. And of course when she asked me to shoot her wedding, I was no doubt going to be there.. and of course.. I cried again. Heck, I cried pretty much the entire day of her wedding too! She just deserves the world, and as for Brandon, well I think he’s gonna try and give her the world!! He even chose their wedding date so all their anniversaries would be in the same week, dated: 11/09, engaged 11/05 and married 11/03  smart man!

They chose Eden Garden because Lizzie has dreamt of it since she was a little girl. “The trees, the greenery, the atmosphere was everything I could have wanted and it was. Walking around that corner and seeing how many people came 3 weeks after hurricane Michael did us all so dirty was something I will never forget. I married the love of my life that day but the friends and family that came warmed my heart.”

I cried again just reading that. It was a beautiful day… truly.. like everything else could have gone to shit.. but the lighting was sooo amazing, it would have all looked good anyway 😂 But thankfully it didn’t… and everything went perfectly!! You can’t hate any day that starts with Frenchies, and ends with pasta and cake.. I mean come on. AND THAT FIRST LOOK THO!!!! OMG I COULD BARELY SEE THERE WERE SO MANY TEARS IN MY EYES!!! BUT her dad being able to be there.. that was the cheery on top. If I wasn’t crying without him!! Damn if she doesn’t love that man, I can see why though, he lights up a room just like her!!! I couldn’t even get her to take off that bright green bracelet she wears for him during her bridal portraits. 😂

Honestly, their entire families were all amazing.. and speaking of, don’t worry Mom.. I have family pictures, I just don’t put them on the blog. I promise they will be in the gallery!

But even though I would have probably killed her if she hired anyone else.. She still had to sorta choose me… and I had to know why.. “Why did I choose you? What kind of question is that. You’re amazing. I have worked with you both professionally and personally and you’re top of the line. You’re a wonderful photographer and a great person and I fought tooth and nail to make sure you were the one that captured my day because there’s no one like you and I will refer you til I’m blue in the face because there’s no one better.”

There I go.. crying again.

Ugh. I have chills just writing this. You have no idea, I mean this girl is one of my oldest and favorite friends, ever… and she found her amazing Prince Charming and he gives her all the smiles, and love, and happiness, and laugher, and… well you know.. all the good stuff that she wants! hahaha!!! And it just makes me so damn happy for her. Plus she is equally obsessed with him and thats just wonderful mannnn! 😭🤗

Crying again.. honestly I could go on and on.. but instead, Ill just leave you with her last bit of advice for any future brides! “Relax. Don’t stress the small stuff. Our plans all changed after the storm and I know every bride says not to worry they really mean it. Seeing my husband turn around was the minute I knew that no matter what happened that day I had that man all to myself and him and that moment is all I ever needed. “


-Vendors -

Dress- David’s Bridal

Cake - Sugar Art by Angela

Hair - Brittany Rose Bridal + Leah Gibbens

Tux - Black Tie

DJ - Alex Hill