Madi + Seth, Bay Point Sheraton, Panama City Beach Florida Weddin

So I have known this studly groom for almost 8 years.... ugh I'm getting old... BUT!! Nonetheless, he is probably one of my top 10 favorite people!! Haha! From our interesting sense of humor to our love of all things weird, we were pretty fast friends... but when Seth brought Miss Madi out for the first time.. I loved her too! It may have been her badass attitude or the fact that literally every. single. human. being. we have ever been around together asks if we sisters or twins.. haha.. like literally, at least 25 times a year, if not more, I get mistaken for this hottie... and honestly.. I'm cool with it.... cuz damn, WE LOOK GOOD!! 🤘😂

If you ask Seth how they met, he says, "We crossed paths on a sunny day on the sand in late March while working. While I (Seth) was called to aid a drunk spring breaker, it was Madison who had already assessed the patient. Madison mesmerized me with a perfect transfer of patient care (her stunning beauty helped, too). I asked Madison to a craft beer at a local favorite Alehouse. Within a month we were sailing in the British Virgin Islands and celebrating Madison's birthday along with the beginning of our relationship." and not long later, I was hiding behind the jetties at the beach shooting his surprise proposal to her on Valentines day!!! - And the rest was history!

Madi told me "I truly don't have much to say about wedding planning (had zero interest so I stayed out of it)  and I honestly couldn't tell you who wore what. I don't even know who designed my wedding dress, can you believe that?! I'm awful :( When I told you that I was as uninvolved with the wedding and planning process as possible, I was NOT kidding, lol. Just take a badass vacation and get married in a memorable place, and make it about you two."

But seriously though, it was a spectacular day at the Sheraton in Bay Point for my semi-cool friend Seth and his sexy bride, Madi, to say their vows! AND GIRRRLLL!!! Madi was drop dead gorgeous in her dress from Essense of Australia and with her hair all done up by Meghan Murphy, and her jaw dropping bouquet by Beach House Florist, EVERY set of eyes was definitely on this dark haired beauty as she made her way to her groom, who could barely hold it together... this emotional walk even had me crying!! Alllllthough, Madi says now, "Do the first look. You were right. We probably have 1/4 of the photos we hoped for in remembering that day, all because we had it set in our minds to not do the first look. Not worth it. I didn't even get to see his face because I was so busy trying to keep my father from falling. Not. Worth. It." ... but luckily for her, I didn't miss one second of Seth's reaction when he saw his babe of a bride hit the aisle. 

Speaking of, Seth and his groomsman could not have looked sharper standing at the altar. From their matching socks to their killer personalities the whole day was a blast! And that's saying a lot for some of these goons... haha, just kidding, but I happen to be pretty good friends with a few of the people at and in this dope ass wedding, so it was full of fun for sure!

The reception was one I won’t soon forget, from the booze to the dudes, and ladies with tattoos! Add in some dope beats from Brian Thomaston, a badass cake from Sugar Art by Angela and their 2 adorable little dogs? You know I was in heaven.

Madi told me “We both knew we had to have you as our photographer, for personal and professional reasons. You've known Seth for a loooong time and he adores you just as I do now. Your photos are undeniably the best in the business, not just for this area but I'd say top ten nationwide. 10/10 will recommend to others.” and I legit almost cried. 

To be honest though, the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how lavish or lame your wedding is, or if you ran away and just take a badass vacation in a badass place, either way, just enjoy your time with your soon-to-be husband/wife and relax.