Mandy + David, Cerulean Park, Watercolor Florida Wedding


They met while playing tennis... which mainly consisted of talking shit to each other on the court more than actually playing tennis, apparently haha!! Mandy said “there is no one I like hitting a winner down the alley on more than Cagle...annnddd lets be honest that hasn't changed. AT ALL. HAHAHA!”

Eventually, they played in a tennis tournament together and she was swooned by the guy. “Luckily, I tell my bestie everything so she invited him to a surprise birthday party that she was throwing for me...HIGH FIVE, JEN! 3 weeks later when my family and I were in Puerto Rico, I somewhat jokingly said "fly down here!" 24 hours later he was walking thru the hotel doors to meet us at the pool -- in my head all I was thinking is "I think this one's a KEEPER." 😊

They have been together for almost 6 1/2 years now!

Mandy said she honestly just always liked the sound of 11/11 but when they told her parents the date, her dad reminded her that was her grandparents anniversary too! So then, of course she knew it was the PERFECT one!!

The serene vibes of Cerulean Park in WaterColor FL was exactly what Mandy always envisioned. Getting married in an area with lots of greenery, in a very natural element -- Cerulean park was that to a T! With so much beauty, the day was filled with perfection, but Mandy said “my favorite part was (so many favorite parts) buttttt, I would say walking down the aisle and seeing David (ahhh, it was THE best!) and he says his favorite part was finally getting to see me and my wedding dress.” And once you peep that cleavage, I mean dress, you’ll see why!!!!! 😅🤪

He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, well none of us could really.

Hell, I about hit the floor when I saw her dress for the first time, and it was still on the hanger!!! If I had a dream dress, it would be that one!! Ya know, if I wasn’t already married and wore white in my wedding.. but when she put it onnnnnnn…. holllly sheeeettt batman!!! 🤤

But the entire wedding party was filled with good looking humans!! The dudes looked pretty damn good in their navy suits and the jaw dropping bridesmaids in Show Me You MuMu!! Paired with some of the most beautiful floral arrangements ever!!! I was in my glory.

Then I met Dunkin. Dunkin the Frenchie. And I spent the rest of the day chasing his cute lil tail, trying to make him my best friend...and I am pretty sure it worked.

Although I haven’t actually shot a Watercolor wedding before, I was stoked to be out there because everything is picture perfect!!! But after meeting Mandy + David and just meshing so well, it could have been anywhere and I would have still had a badass time with these two!! Well with all of them honestly.. they have some awesome friends and family, some I am so happy I got to meet and spend the day with!! “I remember looking at your website and was like "boo, this girl seems cool! LOOK!" and then when I saw you had frenchies--SOLD! 😉 But in all seriousness though, your photos of weddings were gorgeous--I could tell right away that you were soooo talented. and UMMMM, can we just say that our ENTIRE wedding LOVED you! You were a blast and made David and I feel like we had known you for longer than just a day, so easy to talk to, go with the flow (I can keep going) lol but I mean we really could not have picked a better photographer!”

I could do this day over and over again, it was seriously so perfect, for them and for me.

But after all is said and done, Mandy’s advice is “ELOPE--HA! JK 😉 cliché, but DON'T STRESS about the small stuff. at the end of the day you are marrying the love of your life and are surrounded by the ones who love y'all the most and truly that's all that matters!”

- Vendors -

Planner/Coordinator - Joseph Lanzy / St. Joe Club & Resorts - Cake - Bake My Day - Hair + Makeup - Rolland’s Beauty Bar - Dress - Hayley Paige - Florist - Myrtie Blue - Food - Watercolor - DJ - Jeff Nelson