Kiley + Jeff, Seaside Florida Wedding

Somehow in life, I have always found myself surrounded by someone from the great state of Illinois. And even though I have never been there myself (yet), it never fails, some of the most influential, important and now, beautiful people in my life have hailed from this pretty place. And I have never met one of em' who wasn't proud of the fact I know how to pronounce the name of the state correctly (haha, you could say I was taught well).

My story with them all started with the game of 20 questions... I've never had someone care about so many little things when it came to stuff like my gear, my education, and my skill.... Kiley loved me from the start, but Jeff wanted to make sure I had my ish together before he would even consider hiring me for their big day in Seaside, Florida. 

Obviously, he couldn't resist my devilish charm when he read my thoroughly detailed answers, so of course... I got the job. ;) 

I hadn't had the chance to shoot a beautiful Seaside wedding yet, and I am glad.. because no one could have topped Kiley + Jeff with their model faces and incredible love. 

The bond between everyone there was so apparent; I see families all the time, I see love all the time, I see weddings all. the. time. But this one was so different. Everyone was so helpful and caring... it must have been their sweet Midwestern charm that got me, IDK, but it definitely got me.