St Joe Beach Florida, Wedding, Joe + Christina

Simple, sweet and to the point. Plus a cheetah print suit... yaassss you read that right... Cheetah. Print. Suit. 

This quaint little St Joe, Beach affair had roughly 40 attendees if you count Dakota, that handsome dark-haired puppy you see that never left their side! All taking place at the adorable Memory Maker House! And plenty of Krispie Kreme donuts for everyone!!! (I maybe ate one.......or two)

Joe + Christina, man I had no idea what to expect. I had never met this couple and only chatted through emails with the bride but our friendship started the minute Joe opened the door! I felt right at ease with their entire eclectic bunch!

Christina was such a laid back, chill bride. She looked stunning in her dress and her ring, WOW! Definitely a sight to see! Joe wasn't too bad himself, he ight.. ;) 

Most of the group was from Atlanta, but a variety it was for sure! With his awesome dad as the preacher, Joe, Dakota and their boys we're ready at the end of the aisle. The bridesmaids we seriously the BEST. I think each one was my soul sister.. if that if even a possible haha but the groomsmen!!! haha they were a great group of guys; even though they practically attacked me while the groom took pictures, but I wasn't complaining haha!!! It was definitely a blast!

But for realz, can we talk about these donut cakes?! Guys. Such a fun idea and always a hit with the crowd!

After tons of dancing, and lighting some stuff on FIRRRE! (don't worry, it was just some super cute Chinese lanterns) these crazy lovebirds were so excited to get their honeymoon started they didn't even try to stay for the exit... They ran right past everyone when they were still lighting the sparklers haha!!! Eager little lovers!!! ;) 

They were just so great. Everyone there, the entire day, the whole vibe, just fun, energetic, welcoming, loud, quirky, yet calming and laid back... I don't know it just felt right. What a great day guys. Congrats!!! - xo