Taylor + Nick, SunQuest Cruise, Destin Florida Wedding

The wedding of Taylor and Nick was seriously IN-CRED-IBLE!

As 2 of 3 that weekend, I expected to be a little tired, but there was no way I could have been from the moment I walked in the door here… So much color, so much energy, soooo much loveee!!!

and it was on a boat!!! WINNING!!!

But let’s back up to the beginning…….

They met at work in 2014, both were DNA analysts at the same crime lab. Taylor said “Several months after I started I invited a bunch of coworkers to a pumpkin carving party at my apartment complex… needless to say, Nick attended.” The next morning she was awoken bright and early by a car honking outside her window with Nick and his buddies begging to drag her out of bed to go to a bar and watch the Badgers football game.. “I reluctantly went (it was too early for me and also cold...October in Wisconsin...and I'm a Red Raiders fan) and we’ve been together ever since.”

Four years and counting for these two!! And since he proposed September 2017, they can add a third anniversary to their calendars!!! 10-6-2018!! CUZ THEY GOTTT MARRRRIIIEDDD!!!!

Taylor wanted a beach wedding that was neutral ground for both of their families, somewhere that didn’t require passports, and Nick didn’t want to leave during the summer.. So Florida Fall 2018 it was! Taylor’s dad was stationed in Panama City before, and she remembered how pretty the area was so that was an easy choice. Once she decided on Florida, photography was literally the first thing she googled...

“I kept seeing all of these muted and moody photos which is the exact opposite of our style. Once I found you and saw all the bright, colorful, and fun photos I couldn’t look anywhere else. You fit right in with our personalities!”

Next up; the VENUUUEE! And SunQuest Cruises was perfect since they both love the water and Nick proposed on a boat!!

“Hire an all inclusive wedding planning service. Then you can bridechilla your way through the whole process. And have fun with it!… I baked my own funfetti cake too (like a boss) with the help of Betty Crocker and Mr. Pillsbury. 10 out of 10 would do again”

From the people, to the places, to the things, every bit of this day was perfect!!

- Vendors -

Venue/Flowers/Coordination - SunQuest Cruises - Hair & Makeup - Destin Mobile Makeup Box - Dress - Allure Bridals