Tiffany + Brady, Sheraton Bay Point Resort, Panama City Beach Wedding

From the perception of Brady: I'm going to get in trouble for writing this, but I'll ask for forgiveness later. It was a sunny June day when I saw someone that caught my eye on Bumble. For those older than 35, Bumble is similar to the Tinder dating app, but for classier people (at least that's what we tell ourselves). I decided to take a shot, or a swipe in this case. As it turns out, Tiffany was into the mustache, so it was clearly an instant match! We chatted for a bit, she asked my bench max, and then demanded a date. That leads to the real adventure. Long story short, cell phone issues led me to be barely on time for the first date with no address and no ability to ask for directions. I only had a fuzzy recollection of where her house was and hardly remembered the 4 digit gate code. After multiple attempts at random neighborhoods, I stumbled on a 3rd gate. To my surprise, the code worked! I immediately recognized the first cross street, and shortly after, saw a Georgia license plate with some type of sorority sticker. Bingo! I'm glad the miracle worked out, because there's only one type of guy who is a no show on the first date... ones that don't get a second one! We proceeded on our fist date at one of the most romantic places in all of Panama City... the shooting range! The rest is history.

So as you can imagine.. this wedding wasn’t going to be anything shy of awesome. lol.

Tiffany + Brady of course chose to get married in Panama City Beach, because that is where they met and enjoyed their short dating and engagement life. Tiffany said it was her parents who had the idea of touring the Sheraton Bay Point Resort. When they showed up and met the coolest coordinator ever… Katie O’Connor… it was a done deal. She is amazing. So with the assistance of Katie who is actually a former bride of mine, and their badass planner Stephanie, who was actually a bridesmaid in another wedding I shot too, lol, Tiffany + Brady heard about me…

Brady and I met you at a coffee shop, and we instantly knew that you were the one :) You cracked us both up, and had a super chill attitude that made us both comfortable.  It is SO hard to get Brady to be comfortable in front of a camera, but you accomplished that arduous task. You made us laugh, and caught the genuine laughter on camera. You have such an incredible talent for capturing the most memorable and genuine moments. Photos are the most important aspect of documenting an extremely important day, and you completely exceeded our expectations! It was a blast to work with you, and I cannot say enough about your pure talent. My entire family is obsessed with the wedding photos, and I am eternally grateful for you! You are awesome!

More than anything, she and Brady wanted everyone to be together at their wedding. Most of their people were from out of town, so they all just stayed at the Sheraton... which made it possible for them to hang out all weekend! And when I showed up, the festivities were in full affect!!

Tiffany was a goddess at her engagement session, Brady a stud muffin… so I already knew their wedding was going to be something special… and. IT. TOTALLY. WAS!

As a jaw dropping bride in Hayley Paige; Brady in his Air Force Mess Dress, these two took your breath away!! Even her tiny little baby bump made an appearance and ommgeee nothing could top it!!


when they popped the box at the reception and announced that the wittle baby they were expecting was a BOYYYYY!!!!!!!!

From beginning to end, engagement session, rehearsal dinner, wedding and all.. everything I did with these two people was insanely beautiful. From potential clients to fast friends, Tiffany and I hit it off quick. I am so lucky to have been a part of their incredible journey, and I can NOT wait to wait their beautiful family grow

Tiffany told me that if she could give any advice to future brides, “simply enjoy the day. Do not get caught up in the minor details. Silly and unplanned stuff happens, but don’t focus on those moments. Focus on the moments you get to share with your new spouse, your families, and your friends. This may be the only time everyone gets to be together. Have so much fun and celebrate!!

- Vendors -

Venue - Sheraton Bay Point Resort - Flowers - Kirby Holt, Blossoms - Coordination - Stephanie Powers - Hair & Makeup - Connor Oliver & Jessie Caughran - Bangs Hair Salon - Dress - Hayley Paige - Margaret Ellen Bridal - Video - Lifehouse Films Ceremony/Cocktail Instrumental: Bill Small & Cathy Stevens - Reception Band - 4 Barrel Funk - Cake - Sugar Art by Angela - Cookies - Andrea Bergman