Vanna + Rett, Destin Bay House Wedding, Destin Florida

"Just enjoy every single minute of it because it all passes by so quickly! It is so easy to be overwhelmed from the planning that you let the day slip by too quickly. (P.S. also hold the wine the night of your rehearsal, you’ll thank me later)" - The Bride. 

Smiles for miles.

(and pretty people, so many pretty people at this wedding, it was unreal) 

---(stolen from their wedding website)---

Vanna and Rett’s story began on August 9, 2012, at a Jacksonville Sun’s baseball game. Vanna’s co-workers suggested an office outing to the Sun’s game. All it took were some cheap tickets behind the Sun’s bullpen and some friendly heckling. Baseball and a yellow cardigan says it all (yes I wore a cardigan to a baseball game *Loser*) but it's the #1 rule, if you want to get noticed real fast make sure you wear your brightest color shirt, will work like a charm, ha. 

After a few hours, we both were smitten. 

After only getting the opportunity to spend a few weeks in the same city, we decided to begin our long distance journey. Over 1,000 miles apart during the offseason was no easy feat. Determined to make this work, we each spent many hours traveling that first offseason to see each other. Fast forward two months to October 2012. Rett and Vanna attended their first college football game together. Rett was officially sold on making this thing official (who doesn’t love a good FSU/Miami game, especially with an FSU win).

Two long years of long-distance brought on the new challenge of “what’s next”? In the fall of 2014, Vanna and Rett made the big decision for Vanna to move from the state she had called home since birth to the big state of Texas (Rett’s home state). 

So there you have it, two people, from two very different places, two dogs later, and ONE big question in Idaho Springs, CO on May 29, 2016 (shout out to our favorite place at The Silver Lake Lodge). 

Vanna and Rett officially put down roots in Dallas, TX in September 2016, with the purchase of their first home.


Vanna and Rett celebrated their wedding at the ever-so-lovely Destin Bay House in Destin, FL. And although it was a beautiful, and classy affair. The reception was lit. THIS group did not hold back and the pictures prove it. haha SERIOUSLY, such a. fun party! Vanna told me she picked this venue because "I grew up at the beach and have ALWAYS loved the water but wasn’t really into getting my feet all sandy for the big day. This gave me all the views that made my heart so happy without the dirty feet. Rett loved the tree’s, he’s a weird tree man, ha." So obviously it was perfect haha! "Overall, we wanted a one-stop shop also, ceremony and reception all in one as we knew we would have a lot of out of town guest and moving and shuffling everyone in a place there weren’t familiar with just wasn’t what we wanted. It was the most perfect night with the most perfect friends and family surrounding us." .... annnnnd she was right, it was perfect. 

Vanna told me she had nothing to do with the day of planning, haha, "Honestly, the planning goes to Crystal Smith of 30A Event Planning and Capri Zodrow. They did EVERYTHING and I mean everything. I pretty much just had to make the last few decisions but they came in and made our vision everything we wanted. - And honestly, the entire day seemed to just fall together so perfectly! 

Starting with an incredibly adorable first look with dad, and then babe.. it was so cute!! These two battled for the prize of precious for sure! Dad teared up seeing his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time and Rett couldn't take his eyes off his soon-to-be bride. (I can't blame him tho, she is finnne af!!) haha The Destin Bay House has some amazing light coming through their gorgeous trees so we took advantage and went ahead to knock out most of the picture pre-ceremony so they (we) could party after!! 

So led by 8 of the most beautiful Show Me Your Mumu bridesmaids evvvaaa! Vanna couldn’t have looked more radiant in her Essence of Australia wedding gown and her fancy red bottom Christian Louboutin's, all eyes were on the bride as she made her way to her groom! Who might I add, looked as dapper as ever in his John Varvatos suit and his ISAIA bow-tie. He def made this classy affair all the more handsome. 

Vanna's dream came true when she got to the end of the aisle. "Everything was exactly how we wanted it to be. Rett’s dear cousin married us which was so very special to us as he has been helping to counsel us through our engagement." 

This fun baseball bunch knocked it out of the park. (im so lame) It was really the perfect, dream, Florida wedding, with the palm trees, bay, and breeze. So pretty! They had a venue to die for, friends and family surrounding them, and a killer reception (thanks to dj/live performer Kyle LaMonica) the day was every bit of amazing and I just had to know why I was lucky enough to get to shoot it all so when I asked, Vanna, told me, "Well to say you are amazing would be an understatement. Not only do you take AMAZING pictures, your personality gets 5 stars alone. From the beginning you were so energetic and spunky which was exactly what I was wanting." - The Bride. 

and after it was all said and done, I asked Vanna how she felt about having me as her wedding photographer.... and, for real, get ready for the tears...

"PERFECT! That’s pretty much the best word to use to describe having you as our photographer. If I had to choose again I would choose you 1,000 times over. EVERYONE and I mean everyone freaking loved you. From my parents, the grooms parents all the way to our grandparents. You knew how to keep things serious/moving but do it with such personality that had us all CRACKING up. You seriously kept me laughing all day, which helped take the nerve off so much! Everyone asked me multiple times the night of and since how I found you and every time you post a photo we (Rett and our families) all rave about how good it is. You and Mike were the perfect duo and worked so well together. We do not have enough thanks to give you to show our appreciation for capturing our special day." 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭