Meagan + Tyler's Bay Point Sheraton Wedding, Panama City Beach Florida

1. How did you two meet/love story?

"Tyler and I graduated from the same high school one year apart from each other. He graduated in 2006, and I in 2007.  He was a star baseball player, and well.. I was in the marching band. So clearly our paths never crossed during that time. It was not until 2009 that we started bumping into each other through mutual friends. My girlfriends hung out with him and his guy friends. During that summer when we were around one another at social events, he would always call me "Angel Eyes", and think he was so smooth with his various pick up lines. My friends would warn me to be careful because Tyler was known for being a ladies man who was never going to settle down, so I kept my guard up. The day that will always stand out to me, is the day Tyler told our friend Ericka that he was going to marry me. We were all at the beach hanging out, and Tyler and I had never hung out one on one at this point so I assumed it was Tyler just being Tyler. On the way home that day, my friends and I were at a red light, and some of the boys were behind us. Tyler got out of their vehicle and hopped into ours. Of course I giggled like a little school girl on the inside, because lets face it.....Tyler is a handsome little devil. After that day he and his friend Travis invited my friend Lauren and I to a softball tournament in Dothan the following weekend. 

 Tyler and I dated for 7 years before he would ask me to be his wife, and along the way, we had a little girl together and bought a home. We constantly joked that we were the next Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell and that we lived life backward. Oh, and I almost forgot....Travis asked Lauren to be his wife also and the two got married in 2016.  Bottom line, Dothan is a good luck city for love, and sometimes, in the end, the popular baseball stud falls for the dorky band geek. 


.....................................................and they lived happily ever after."

Have you ever met someone that you're like "how did I not know this person before?"

Well being from the tiny lil town of Panama City Florida that I am ever so lucky to be from, lol, feel the sarcasm? (jk, I love my home... sorta) haha BUT really, you would think that if you have like 267 mutual friends on facebook, went to the same high school and even had a ton of the same friends, you would have met sometime sooner than you did in the past 27 years of your life? right? no? maybe it's just me.. 

ANYWAYS - what I am trying to say here is I LOVE THIS CHICK. Like spirit animal kinda love. Some real Joe Biden and Obama bromance type shit. And then she told me she loves Tequila too. *dies* πŸ’€

(lemme clarify, Meagan was in a few weddings I shot in the past, so I knew her from those, but I didn't like KNOOW KNOW HER until she told me she wanted me to be her wedding photographer.. *dies again* πŸ’€

I knew it was going to be spectacular.. like, she's cool af, her man is cool af, how could it not be.. but then I met her dad.. and her mom.. and then she told me who else she was hiring for this badass day, Clay Keels (planner/designer extraordinaire), Kaitlyn Brown and Keely Raquel for hair and makeup, Chunky Monkey for cakeesss ANNND DJ VLADI (what whattttt!!!) so yeah, I mean, I def knew. 

After a hilariously good time of an engagement session at Eden Gardens in Santa Rosa, the big day all went down at the Sheraton in Bay Point (also one of my favorite places to shoot a wedding, like everrrr.) Meagan said "The view of the bay is gorgeous. The terrace, the green lawn overlooking the bay, and the overall beauty of the resort is breathtaking. I knew I would be getting married there, and that our family and guests would be able to enjoy a relaxing weekend away." and she is NOT LYING. That place is Florida wedding venue perfection. 

So with 10 of her favorite (and prettiest) girlfriends by her side and Tyler with his the not-too-shabby group of southern dudes by his, and let's not forget their ADORABLE DAUGHTER PAYTON as their flower girl 😭it all got kicked off with a few fireball shots, leading into their first look that MEAGAN SWORE SHE WOULDN'T CRY AT!!! but instead just rubbed all her nose makeup off kissing on her handsome soon-to-be new hubby.. haha! We knocked most of the pics out before they even walked down the aisle.. so we could get to the party as soon as they said I DO!

and party we did..... 

...after if was all said and done, I asked Meagan the my favorite question... Why Me? "When Tyler proposed I knew I had to get Kiersten as our photographer. She had recently photographed my best friend Lacey's wedding and the pictures were so amazing that words could not describe. Not only are the photographs unlike any other, but her personality alone is a reason to hire her. She was always so positive, hilarious and made us all so comfortable. She made sure Lacey had everything she needed the day of, and kept her fed and hydrated. Kiersten did not miss a beat throughout the whole day. So in my mind, no one else came close to comparable to Kiersten. The only advice I would tell other couples about to get married is, hire Kiersten for your photographs, Clay for your planning, and Vladimir for your tunes. They are the dream team. & enjoy every minute of your big day because it is gone and over in a blink of an eye." - *dies for third and final time* πŸ’€πŸ˜­