I'm Kiersten! A free spirited, french bulldog obsessed, mom of two, and wife to the hottest man on this planet. Ya know, just your average tattooed chick.

As an outgoing, social butterfly, with a touch of sarcasm.. I strive to create a unique experience by keeping things authentic and fun.. Because I am different, people feel at ease with me, and nothing is better than real emotions and connections captured.

I'm not just your photographer; I'm your new best friend. Seriously, from the moment you first contact me, a friendship is born.. it's sorta MAGICAL.

All bs aside, I am pretty laid back + easy to get along with; you'll be so comfortable with me, and your pictures will totally reflect that. Your kids will laugh, your family will relax, and your REAL memories will be captured for a lifetime. Annnnddd it won't be lame af, lol, because I think you deserve to have a great time creating pictures that are as awesome as you!

Getting married? I got you. Have a family? I got you. Kids? Old ones, new ones, fur ones? I don't care; I got you. Graduating? Proposing? Pregnant? Engaged? Single? Doesn't matter, I got you. Hell, even if you want to take your clothes off and get sexy, girrllll, I still got you!!

For real, I do it all and I always have your back! 

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Family sessions, maternity sessions, senior sessions, cake smash, engagement, mini session... I do it all!! And I keep things super laid back and relaxed so everyone has a great time. I'll be cracking jokes with you, playing with your kids, really just making fast friends.. and I bet I can even make your 'doesn't like pictures' husband to smile his REAL smile too! It probably wont be like any other portrait session you've had before.

This will actually be FUN! 


This is supposed to be the HAPPIEST day of your life, so you definitely don't want some lame photographer dragging it down, lol. Well, that's where I come in. You've planned this perfect day.. and now you need the perfect photographer! AYYYEE!! I am your girl! I'll add an unforgettable touch to your wedding day because we will have a damn good time, all while keeping enough tradition to make your parents happy too!